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OrgCourier is a must-have schedule management tool for anyone who has a courier business
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20 August 2015

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OrgCourier is a schedule management tool for anyone who has a courier business. It supports infinite number of profiles and has a well-organized navigation system. The program has data export, password protection and printing features.

Pros: This application is a schedule management system tailored specifically for a courier business. Main workspace area in the interface is for a organizer tab, work-orders tab and clients list. Organizer is on the lines of the familiar MS Outlook appointments list. Like its model, you could enter appointments things to do in half hour intervals on the same, while you look at calendars of current as well as next 3 months.

Work orders tab is for creating and editing or even deleting work orders, simply change columns to sort them by that column. Quite flexible in operation, lets you look at 5 months calendar at a time. It has a handy interface to display fees charged. Filling the work order is made easier by auto search to locate an already existing customer and auto-filling his details from the database. Contacts area lets customer contact details such as address, phone numbers, fax numbers and so on. Password protection ensures the changes are made by authorized personnel only.

It`s possible to create reminders to alert couriers about the things they should do. You can view the information about payments, daily income for any day at any moment when needed.

Data can be exported in XLS, TXT, HTML and XML formats for integrating with other programs. Auto back up creates some protection against corruption due to system crashes or virus attacks. Print designer allows a lot of flexibility in designing reports that is needed for the business.

Cons: When adopting this application in a business that has been in operation for sometime, it is best to start with current data and not worry about prior data. Getting legacy data would become a time consuming and expensive operation.

Overall: Well designed application, well designed interface, quite easy to learn, the application is at 4 star level.

Publisher's description

This software is suitable for courier business. Courier software and delivery dispatch software program for ordering, delivery tracking, courier, messenger, service vehicles or trucking industry. It's perfect for couriers to plan working hours so that the orders do not overlap with someone else and keep track of scheduled appointments. It'll store the information about clients, such as their address, telephone, email and comments. This modern and extremely handy program makes management a real pleasure. Included are two viewing modes, an automatic search option and password protection. The program has a handy interface to calculate and show the "fee charged", helping you to make decisions quickly. It's possible to create reminders to alert couriers about the things they should do. Available is an automatic search and auto-field filling for a customer, who has already been entered to the database. You can view the information about payments, daily income for any day at any moment when you need it. For those people, who work in Microsoft Outlook, it's possible to export data. Export of data is available to different formats: XLS, TXT, HTML, XML, PDF for its adaptation for other programs. You can save appointments into an iCalendar file with the .ics extension. It facilitates data transfer between applications that use scheduler and other applications, such as Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office Outlook, Novell GroupWise, Windows Calendar. In case of crashes or virus attacks, there is an auto backup function with a possibility to remove old archives automatically. There is a low-priced edition of the product for a workgroup that allows users to work simultaneously over the network. You pay for the program only the first time and get all new versions of this program for FREE and for a lifetime!
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